The Canon Pixma ix68220 is a high-performing printer ideal for office settings. The printer can print everything from 11″ X 17″ spreadsheets to big 13″ X 19″ presentation charts. It also provides outstanding printing details. You can also easily replace any color that drains out with its five individual ink tanks. To benefit from a smooth functioning printer, users should know the proper Canon Pixma ix6820 printer setup. In this article, you’ll find detailed steps on how to set this wireless printer up on the two most common operating systems, Windows and Mac.

Steps for Wireless Canon Pixma ix6820 Printer Setup

It is advised that you correctly follow all the steps laid down for setting up your Canon Pixma ix6820 printer properly. Follow the instructions below.

  • Make sure that your Canon printer is switched on. The white power lamp should be lit up.
  • Also, ensure that the button present on the access point is ready for you to press.
  • Now, hold the button of Wi-Fi present on the printer till you see the white power lamp flashing. Once you see a flash, you can release this button.
  • Make sure that the blue Wi-Fi lamp also quickly flashes, and the white power lamp should light up.
  • Now, keep pressing and holding the button that’s present on the access point. Press and hold this button for about two minutes.
  • Finally, you need to ensure that the white power and the blue Wi-Fi lamps are lit.
  • That’s it. The wireless network connection setup of Canon Pixma ix6820 is now finished.

Wireless Setup of Canon Pixma ix6820 Printer on Windows

The process of Canon Pixma ix6820 wireless setup on Windows is not difficult at all. By following these steps, you’ll be able to setup your printer on Windows effectively. But before you commence performing the wireless setup process, check that your printing device, Windows system, as well as router are all switched on. Then do the following.

  •  Link your Pixma printer through the wireless router. The steps for it are there in the previous section.
  • After you connect it, go over to From there, you can download the right Canon printer driver on your computer.
  • After that, select your printing device’s model and then tap on ‘Download.’
  • The download process will begin and finish after some time. Double-tap on the driver software option when it completes, so the setup opens. Next, complete the installation process.
  • Launch the ‘Control Panel.’ You can do so by tapping the ‘Search’ option in Windows.
  • Choose ‘Devices and Printers’ from the window that appears.
  • Next, tap on the section of ‘Add Printer.’ You will find it appearing on the left part of the Windows screen. You’ll also notice a set of printers. Select yours from that list and wait for a few seconds.
  • After the printer gets added, you will find it appearing in the Devices and Printers section.
    As a final step, take a print test.

Canon Pixma ix6820 Printer Setup through the Wired Connection Method.

Here is the process for the Canon Pixma ix6820 printer wired connection. Check that your printer is switched on and that the white power lamp is glowing.

  • You’ll require an Ethernet cable. Take away the cap that’s there on the Canon printer’s upper port.
  • Link the network device and the printer via an Ethernet cable. Do not link it to the USB port.
  • Press the ‘CANCEL/RESUME’ button till the power lamp flashes 11 times. If the Wi-Fi lamp is off, your Canon Pixma ix6820 won’t connect to Wi-Fi.
  • After the lamp flashes 11 times, release the button. The wired connection setup will get completed successfully.
  • Visit the official Canon website to download the printer driver.
  • From the list given, choose your printer model and tap the option of ‘Download.’
  • After the downloading ends, open the setup by tapping the driver package option.
  • Now, end the process of installation by abiding by the instructions you see on the screen.
  • Enter ‘control panel’ in the ‘Run’ dialog box and tap ‘OK.’
  • Choose ‘Devices and Printers.’
  • Tap ‘Add printer’ in the left upper corner. You’ll view a list of installed printers.
  • Choose your printer’s model and wait for a couple of seconds.
  • You’ll see your Canon printer in the section of ‘Devices and Printers.’ You can now start using it.

The Process of the Wireless Setup of Canon ix6820 Printer on Mac

You can perform the wireless setup of your Canon ix6820 printing device on Mac by following these instructions. Check that your Mac and printer are linked to the same network after switching the Wi-Fi router and the printer.

  • Connect the printer to the Wi-Fi by following the steps in the first section.
  • Visit Canon’s website and download and install the newest version of the printer driver. Complete the driver download process by adhering to the instructions on your screen.
  • Select ‘System Preferences’ by going to the Apple menu.
  • Then, tap ‘Printers and Scanners.’
  • Tap on the ‘+’ sign on the bottom-left part of the screen.
  • Select your device from the dropdown and let the connection get established.
  • It will take only a few moments for the link to get established. Your Canon Pixma ix6820 printing device is now well connected to your Mac system.

Final Words

Hopefully, you’ll find this article beneficial for the process of the Canon Pixma ix6820 printer setup. Both Windows and Mac users can follow the series of instructions and start using their printer efficiently. But it may be possible that you might encounter certain problems in the way. You can get past all the issues by connecting with Canon customer support. The experts will troubleshoot any kind of problems you may face with setting up your printing device.