Norton antivirus Customer Service Number tells you how Norton safeguards your Windows laptop/desktop


Norton antivirus is an amazing software to protect your system against any malware or virus. If you are unaware of the perks then the Norton antivirus Customer Service Number  is here to tell you all about it.

It keeps a check on your privacy irrespective of the device that you are using. It warns you when you visit a website that is not safe for your system and doesn’t let you download any suspicious files as well.

Apart from this, it lets you protect other devices as well and you can transfer it from one device to another without any hassle. It makes sure that your kids have a safe experience too.

When it comes to protecting your Windows system, Norton does it in a number of ways.

  • It comes with a protected VPN with the help of which you can surf the internet safely and anonymously with a no log VPN. You can add bank grade encryption which will safeguard your information and other credentials as well.
  • It has an app URL Monitoring which observes all the applications installed on your system and blocks the risky website from getting a hold of your system.
  • The data protector detects the important files based on the place they are saved on your system and the file type and doesn’t let any untrusted applications make some changes to them.
  • The script control safeguards you against the malware that you can end up with as a part of the attachments in suspicious emails.
  • The online banking protection gives an extra security when you are making some transactions.
  • When you use webcam devices online, the Norton SafeCam gives you security as it doesn’t permit any malware to get access to your laptop’s webcam without your approval.
  • Insight detects the unsafe apps and files with the help of collective feedback of 170 million+ Norton users which helps in catching the incoming threats.
  • The SONAR Behavioral protection is on a constant lookout to file dangerous files
  • It downloads and installs the important features on its own when you are not working on the system
  • It comes with a ‘Download Insight’ which warns you when you try to download something from a website that has a low reputation score amongst the Norton community.
  • The insight and optimized file copy increases the time taken for scanning by finding the safe files and only scanning the unknown ones.
  • The Norton Community Watch gathers the information offered by millions of Norton users to spot new threats faster, identify safe files, and provides durable and effectual protection.
  • It keeps your mailbox free of unsolicited, treacherous, and fake emails that can steal your identity by an effective spam blocking system. It also has a two way firewall that doesn’t let strangers access your home network.
  • Norton Password Manager remembers, safeguards, and spontaneously enters your user names and passwords to save them from getting stolen. Apart from this, the Norton Safe Web alerts you of insecure websites even before you visit them.
  • The Internet Protection System searches websites and social networking platforms for disbelieving links and content to detect the latest social networking scams.
  • Last but not the least, it comes with an automatic backup which allows you to back up your data up to 25 GB to the Norton secured online storage.

This is now it safeguards your Windows system. If you want to know anything then feel free to get in touch with the experts by dialing the Norton Customer Service Number.

Want to know how does Norton protects your MAC? Norton antivirus Customer support is here!

If you were thinking to get Norton Antivirus for your MAC but were wondering that what all security measures will be taken then Norton antivirus Customer Support is here. We will be telling you the ways in which MAC will be provided. They are:

Norton Support

  • It comes with an Essential Online Protection which helps to keep your Mac safe from bugs, spyware, and other threats, even if they come from the system without having any impact on the speed.
  • The Vulnerability Protection updates on a regular basis to shield against threats that can harm your Mac because of the gaps in the operating system or other applications.
  • The Location Awareness allows you to adjust your level of protection depending upon the place where you are accessing your Mac, be it a coffee shop, your home or office.
  • The Mac Application Control permits you to regulate how your Mac applications connect to the Internet, who can link to your Mac and what they can do and have access to.
  • The Daily Protection Updates run in the background to protect your Mac from new threats. Not only this, The Norton Safe Web warns you of precarious websites before you visit them.
  • The Ant phishing Technology blocks deceitful phishing websites which are created to steal your identity and your money. The Smart Two-Way Firewall doesn’t let the strangers access your home network by blocking the incoming traffic marked as unsafe
  • Last but not the least, the Email and Instant Message Attachment Monitoring scans Apple Mail and Messages for apprehensive attachments and other tricks which can be risky for you and your money.

If you want to know anything else then connect with us at Norton antivirus Customer support and we will assist you in the best way out.

Know how to download and install Norton from Norton antivirus support phone number

It could really be a task to download and install Norton but with the help of Norton antivirus support phone number, it will seem to be like a cake walk for you. We will be listing some easy steps to download and install Norton antivirus for MAC, android and Windows.

Steps to download Norton device security

  • Log into your account or create a new account in order to complete the sign in process
  • Go to the Norton’s dashboard and select ‘Download’
  • When you land on the ‘get started’ page, click on ‘Agree and Download’

Steps to install for Windows

  • Once you have downloaded the file by using the steps mentioned above, run the installer and double click on the file
  • You will come across a ‘User Account Control’ window. Click on ‘Continue’ and follow the on screen instructions to complete the setup.

Steps to install for MAC

  • Click on ‘Install’ and fill in your username and password and then click on ‘install helper’
  • Choose ‘Ok’ when you see ‘System extension blocked’ alert
  • Click on ‘Open now’ when you come across the Norton installation tab
  • Click on the lock icon in the bottom left side in the next window and type your admin password
  • Click on ‘Unlock’ and click ‘Allow’ next to the Symantec message
  • Choose ‘Restart’ and open preferences when your system is back on
  • In the ‘Security and privacy’ window, make sure that the Norton System Extension option is allowed
  • Go back to the installation window and click on ‘Complete’ and it’s done

Steps to install for Android

  • Open the Google play store and search to find Norton
  • Install the app and once it’s done, open it
  • Accept the agreement policy and then click to sign in by entering your credentials and you are all set to use it

If you come across any trouble then don’t think twice before calling on the Norton antivirus support phone number.

Dial phone number for Norton antivirus support if you have problems opening Norton security!

It could be really frustrating if you are unable to open Norton Security. Don’t worry as all you need to do is dial phone number for Norton antivirus support if you face this problem on a regular basis. First of all, you can try to restart your system by exiting all the problems. If you still face a problem then you can rectify it by using the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool by following the steps stated below:

  • Download the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool by visiting the official website
  • Open your Downloads and double click on the tool’s icon
  • Read the agreement and click to ‘Agree’
  • Click on ‘Remove and reinstall’ and then ‘Continue or remove’
  • Click on ‘Restart now’
  • Once your system restarts, follow the on screen instructions to reinstall Norton and your problem will be solved.

If you still face any issue then just dial the phone number for Norton antivirus support and the experts will take care of the rest.

Want to know how to transfer Norton from one device to another or how to install it on another device? Know how from Norton Tech support!

Norton Tech support is here to save the day if you want to transfer Norton from one device to another or know how to install it on another device in the easiest way possible.

Transfer the Norton license to a different device

  • Log into your account and when you land on the ‘Device Security’ page, click on the device that you want to remove the protection from
  • Click on the three dots in the bottom right corner and then select ‘Remove license’
  • Click on ‘Yes’ to confirm and the device will be removed
  • In order to get Norton on the new device, click on ‘Install now’ and follow the on screen instructions in order to complete the process

Install on another device

  • Sign into your account and select ‘Install on another device’
  • If you have an access to your email then you can download it with the help of a link
  • If you want to do it via text then select your country from the drop down menu and enter the phone number
  • Click on ‘Copy’ to get the download link
  • Scan the QR code at the right side of the screen if you want it on your smartphone
  • Follow the on screen steps to download it on your device

You can get in touch with Norton Technical Support if you get stuck anywhere and we will help you out with the best of our knowledge.

Get in touch with Norton support chat if Norton security says you have no have no remaining installs

If you want to have the Norton protection on a device but it says that you can’t install it then it can be really irritating. You have nothing to worry about as Norton support chat is here to assist you to get rid of the issue by following simple steps. They are:

  • Sign into your account and go to ‘My Norton’ page and then click on ‘My Subscriptions’
  • Navigate to ‘Help’ and then click on ‘Manage license’
  • You will see a number of devices on the page. Click on ‘Remove license’ next to the device that you no longer use or want the protection for
  • Click on ‘Next’ and in the ‘Remove Norton’ tab, click on ‘Yes’
  • You can now install it on the desired device and follow the on screen instructions to download it and set it up

Connect with Norton support chat if you have any other query or doubt.

Know the benefits of Norton from Norton Tech support!

Norton comes with a number of benefits and Norton Tech support is here to tell you some of them so that you can get assured that with the help of Norton antivirus, you are 100% secured. The benefits and features are listed below:

  • It comes with a Proactive Exploit Protection (PEP)

Proactive Exploit Protection (PEP) is one of the most significant perk of Norton Antivirus. It is a computer framework which is intended to defend Windows Computers against “zero days” attacks. These cyber-attacks will mark the weaknesses in Windows and its operating system to make space for hackers.

  • SONAR Protection

SONAR is short for Symantec online network for advanced response. Sonar keeps an eye on the programs which are running on your computer & recognizes the signs that may be hazardous for the system. It is the application that helps your PC to detect the virus, malware and other cyber threats and protects you against them.

  • Two way Firewall

This clever Two Way Firewall avoids both internal as well as external Traffic and doesn’t let it affect you. The traffic produced from surfing the net can cause malware generation which can affect your computer in an adverse way. This Smart Two Way Firewall will prevent your computer from these apprehensive attacks.

  • Parental control

Norton Security Premium comes with a complimentary subscription to Norton Family that delivers effective parental control. With the help of Parental Control, you can keep your kids away from unsuitable content as per their age. It also provides tools which stops the family members from gaining access to certain kinds of websites. Admins can also add limits and set rosters for accessing the Internet for users. With the help of Norton security, you are in full control of who gets access to what on the internet and at what time.

  • Auto-Backup

Last but not the least, if you are using any Antivirus software then the most important thing to look out for is the Backup feature because everyone has a fear to lose their important data and information. Norton comes with an Automatic Backup Tool which will back up your desktop files on its own. It also has a feature through which you can select the files and folders which you need to get backed up. The backup Cloud Storage comes with a space of 25 GB.

If you want any more assistance then feel free to get in touch with Norton chat support and all your queries will be solved in no time.